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All glass jewelry comes protected ina special gift box!
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Kilnformed Glass   Artisan Glass Jewelry

Artisan Jewelry Collection ~

Our Artisan jewelry collection is unique and breathtaking. Handcrafted with torchedworked glass and natural high quality stones, these adornments would make an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one.

Click on each original handcrafted jewelry piece to view more info and a larger image.

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Fused Glass, Polymer Clay & Sterling
Fused glass (black and white) - polymer clay, sterling cones, and toggle clasp - 22" nylon cord, argentium sterling wire
*size: 1.75" x 1.25"


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Glass, Brecciated Jasper
Torchworked glass, natural brecciated jasper, natural fancy jasper, filigree clasp


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Deep Blue Choker w/ Satelite
Torchworked glass (deep blue and purple swirls), natural sodalite, filigree clasp


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Glass w/ Amethyst Rounds
Torchworked glass, natural amethyst rounds, filigree clasp


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Glass, Rhyolite
Torchworked glass, natural rhyolite, filigree clasp


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Turquoise and Silver
Natural turquoise
, natural howlite, glass (transparent turquoise over vanilla, clear and black), sterling toggle clasp and connectors, sp laser cut drops, 18"


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Glass, Jade, Autumn, Jasper
Torchworked glass, natural Ching Hai jade, natural autumn jasper, leaf toggle clasp


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Turquoise Sterling
Glass, natural
turquoise rondelles, sterling drop connectors and toggle clasp, sp feathers


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Glass, Kambaba Puffs
Torchworked glass, natural Kambaba jasper, filgree clasp


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Glass, Fancy Jasper
Glass, natural fancy jasper, Victorian gold drops, filigree clasp


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Teal & Turquoise
Torchworked focal beads, blackstone, clear quartz, turquoise, silver, w/ sterling sliver clasp


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Green & Gold
Handmade torchworked beads, Kambaba & fancy jasper, gold, filgree clasp


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Glass, Fancy Jasper Handcrafted torchworked glass-natural fancy jasper-natural tiger's eye chips and simulated turquoise


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Pearl & Lapis
Handmade torchwork glass beads, cultured pearls, natural lapis, filigree clasp


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Glass Tangerine
Torchworked glass, filigree clasp


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Glass, Ching Hai Jade & Fancy Jasper
Torchworked glass, natural Ching Hai jade, natural fancy jasper and filigree clasp


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Glass Whirlygig
Lampworked glass, deep bule focal, blue w/ yellow and green on green accent beads, filigree clasp


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Glass, Amethyst, Leaves
Torchworked glass, natural amethyst, cultured pearls, filigree clasp


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Glass, Leopardskin Jasper
Torchworked glass, natural natural leopardskin jasper, filigree clasp


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Black & Red w/ Feathers
Torchworked glass, blackstone, w/ filigree clasp


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Glass, Jasper, Jade
Torchworked glass, natural Kambaba jasper, natural Ching Hai jade, filigree clasp


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Glass, Amethyst, Filigree
Torchworked glass, natural amethyst, cultured pearls, filigree components and clasp


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Glass, Fancy Jasper, Filigree
Torchworked glass, natural fancy jasper, cultured pearls, filigree clasp


*For any questions about our artisan jewelry, please contact the artist.


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