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About the Custom Leather Dog Collars ~

These collars are referred to around here as "Zeke's Stuff", because he was the inspiration behind my starting these collars. When we first commenced training in herding, tracking and obedience, I knew that when the time was right, we would be competing in those arenas. Whilst reviewing the regulations of each sport, I noticed that in some events, no ID tags were allowed, others required simple buckle collars with no identifiers… and my brain made the short leap to a simple leather buckle collar. But nothing is ever that "simple"!

I searched the www high and low and found either blah (aka boring aka ugly) collars or leather collars with way too many bells and whistles for my taste (aka ugly). As a youth I had done a little tooling, and of course my metal work gave me lots of hands on experience with many of the same general techniques, so I said, "Eureka! I'll make my own! And "Zeke's Stuff" was born…. Because I couldn't make just one…

Please view our gallery of custom leather dog collars or visit our order page to request Penni to create one for the special dog in your life!

*For any questions about our custom leather dog collars, please contact the artist.

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