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Happy New Year Everyone ~

The thing I find most exciting about the New Year is that is a blank canvas.

The New Year can become whatever we desire it to be, and right now it is all ours, pristine and new, to create as we choose.

In the studio I am creating something new every day and looking forward to what new inspiration I will find just around the corner! And as you can see by my leather galleries, I am deep in the creative zone and loving every minute of it.

Custom Leather Dog Collar Gallery

Finally, I have a medium that can truly merge my endless creativity with my passion, dogs, and find that the resulting collars are a perfect blend of that creativity and passion.

I hope you will find the collars to be respective of the dogs and of their many contributions to the quality of life they bring to us every single day. I cannot imagine one day without them.

Until next time ~ Find a little joy in every day and before you know it, all of your days will be filled with joy!

~ P

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